AIDOUT Grill Mat – Non Stick BBQ & Grilling Reusable Heavy Duty Heat Resistant Grill & Baking Pads for Gas, Charcoal, Electric Grill with Grill Brush(Set of 2)

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Published on: 03/29/2017
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Save time, eat healthier and open the door to a world of new opportunities with this perfect barbecue solution!
Your search for the best BBQ grill mats is finally over! This simple barbecue utensil is all you need to improve your barbecuing experience forever! With a simple add-on you can prepare all kind of foods on your barbecue small or large, avoid flare-ups and burned meat forever and finally you can start spending more time with your friends and family instead of scrubbing the "crud" off the barbecue.
– Brings a ton of new possibilities on your BBQ(prepare eggs, pancakes, cheese, even pizza.
– Preparing veggies or seafood becomes easier than ever.
– No flare-ups means safer barbecuing and less burned food.
– Healthier and tastier food without fats and oils.
Set of 3 15.75" x 13" mats crafted in durable PTFE coated fabric.
– Perfect for chicken, ribs, burgers, steak, fish, vegetables, pizza, breakfast and more!
– Keeps your food from falling between the grates, evenly cooks food, retains flavor and grill marks.
– Long lasting, durable and innovative! The Grill BBQ Grill Mat is specifically designed to
withstand up to 500° F! It is HASSLE-FREE and easy to clean, simply wipe off and place in the dishwasher (top rack). It's that EASY!
– Satisfaction guaranteed! We're confident that our high quality product will leave you satisfied. We offer a 30 day guarantee – if you're not completely satisfied, simply contact us to return the product for a full refund.

Customer Reviews

Four Stars

 on June 19, 2017
By Erick H

Glad I picked these up

 on June 6, 2017
Glad I picked these up! They work excellent. My grill has occasionally gone above 500 degrees and these still hold up well. Only negative is the cleanup can be tricky. A wet rag doesn’t always take away the grease.

works as promised

 on August 16, 2016
the gril mats came as a pair of two- purchase was smooth and easy , the delivery was fast. the items were boxed inside of a bigger Amazon box. thank you for the added extra protection .

Worth the buy!!!!

3 people found this helpful.
 on October 10, 2016
Since they come in a set of 2, I decided to use 1 for my oven & 1 for the bbq. Quickly i noticed after i opened the pack & took them out of the plastic, was how they didnt stay rolled tightly! I washed both of them & instantly they were both completely flat! I loved that i didnt have to force them flat like i assumed i would have to!

These are so cool! I got them because my grill really could …

 on October 12, 2016
By Natasha Sukup
These are so cool! I got them because my grill really could use new grates but I didn’t want to replace them until next summer. These grill pads are awesome because I just lay them on the grill and then put my food on them so the food doesn’t touch my rusty grill grates. The other awesome thing is that since we use 80/20 ground beef it is pretty fatty and on the grill grates alone we end up with burnt burgers on the outside and pink on the inside because the fat drips out and the flames jump and its not a good combo. But with the mats we don’t have that issue! I’m so happy I got these and will be using them a lot this winter!

May take time to learn to get it right

One person found this helpful.
 on September 5, 2016
By Amazon Customer
I had seen a similar product advertised and thought it was a product I would get use out of, I received a discount to buy/review the product, that stated, I did try it and was not very impressed with the results. It is supposed to transfer the grill marks to the food and prevent flare ups. It did prevent flare up but had to turn heat up, above recommended temp level and still only transferred slight marks.. May work better on charcoal grill but, not sure if it would be able to withstand the heat. Will continue using/ experimenting with it to see if I can get the results that I had hoped it would achieve. All and all good product that may take a little time to get figure out how to get right outcome.

Great find

 on October 24, 2016
By Ana Nunez
I loved this matts. I was hesitant because I have tried similar products with no luck. When I opened the box the matts came in I was surprised to see that the mats unroll easy and that they don’t have to be forced flat like other products. When I used the matts I noticed nothing sticks to them and the meat came out juicer than usual because the juices didn’t just run down into the coals. This product was a great find. Plus they are easy to clean since nothing sticks to it I just washed it with soap and water super easy.

Great for home and public grills

 on October 20, 2016
I had already discovered grill mats and the labor saved by using them. So these were sent to my best friend. Since they were delivered yesterday he has already used them twice, (hamburgers for lunch and steaks for supper. He is very impressed with how well they work and how little clean-up afterward. Says he will probably buy more to carry on camp-outs. These are perfect for public grills like found in parks and campgrounds.

What more can you ask for than a product that works just as described like these grill pads?

 on August 25, 2016
By DR. J
What more can you ask for than a product that works just as described like these grill pads. The grill pads ar liek the ones I have form y baking cookie sheets, think silicone type sheets that are temperature safe. You get 2 rolled up in a box like plastic wrap. Just unroll to use. 100% Non Stick and use.

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