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Some chicken, pork and corn in the barbeque
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Welcome to Grill And dot net blog. We are super bar-b-que and smoked meat lovers. From as far back as I can remember I have had a weakness for smoked meat. And I have spent the better part of my life enjoying smoked meat, fish, and seafood. Not to mention checking out any and all bar-b-que places I come across.

The Art Of Smoking

Smoking Meat can be done in several ways. In days gone by the family farms usually had smoke houses which were purpose built structures that the meat was hung in and fires built out of select woods such as hickory which both flavored and preserved the meat. Today we have self contained smokers such as propane units, and even electric ones. There are also plenty of designs and plans online for building your own.

Grill Time

And of course most backyards in America today sport some kind of bar-b-que grill. With each backyard grill master choosing the kind of appliance he feels will give him the best results. From simple home built units made from oil drums cut in half  to ultra mega cooking areas that rival the best indoor kitchens with built in shelves, cabinets, multiple cook surfaces and cold storage.

Grill And dot net is our way of wading through the maze. We want to explore the grilling and smoking landscape and discover what works or don’t work.¬† The ease of use and ultimately how it all fits into creating a one of a kind flavor that will make you the neighborhood grill master. So come back often and thanks for stopping in.


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